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2017 ICWL vs. VEWL Results

By Brian Martz, 02/25/17, 12:45PM EST


On Saturday February 18th we held ouur 5th annual ICWL vs. VEWL All Star match. 

The ICWL Black Team once again when 2-0 on the day beating both VEWL Teams. 

The ICWL Blue Team while competitive, came up short against both teams. 

The members of both teams are listed below: 

Weight ICWL Black ICWL Blue
48 Brayden Giovinco (GN) Tony Tufano (MET)
52 Fred Bachmann (GN) Travis Tufano (MET)
56 Bryce Boyer (KEN) Nick Link (DH)
60 Dean Houser (KEN) Lukas Littleton (GV)
63 Blake Boyer (KEN) Joey Wuchter (KEN)
66 Joe Bachmann (GN) Parker Werkentine (CON)
69 Jason Torres (CV) Miles Werkentine (CON)
72 Mason Karkoska (NOR) Parker Smith (CON)
75 Nathan Rickards (NOR) Jacob Grzybek (KEN)
78 Tommy Link (DH) Topher Tryon (KEN)
82 Tyler Maiers (OX) Cody Ford (KEN)
87 Sean Patrick O'Donnell (NOR) Levi Borkowski (MET)
92 Dean Bechtold (NOR) Jackson Allander (SF)
97 Marek Seaman (OX) Josh Barlow (KEN)
107 Dillon Bechtold (NOR) Nathaniel Vance (OX);
122 Bo Horvath (DOW) Matt Brosko (MN)
162 Grant Euker (MET) N/A