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USA Wrestling Deadlines

ICWL/USA Wrestling Timeline 2018– 2019 Season

10/12/18      Submit Team Info to ICWL for submission to USA Wrestling

STEP 1: TEAM Contact Information  (DEADLINE 10/12/18) - Each team is required to update and verify their team information on the ICWL Website to ensure all data is accurate for the coming season. In the event the information is staying the same from last year you MUST still enter the site and confirm. Once the information is updated we will upload to USA Wrestling to update the TEAM CHARTER for the 2018-2019 Season. At that time a COI will be emailed to your team contact.

Current list of USA Wrestling point of contact

If you have a change in your USA Wrestling point of contact, email

Register new USA Wrestling point of contact here


11/30/18      Leadership membership

Background Checks completed

** Recommended all coaches/leaders complete SafeSport  

Step 2: Leadership Membership / Coaches Background Checks (Deadline 11/30/18 or before your team practice begins): Each team is required to have at least 2 coaches complete and pass a USA WRESTLING COACHES BACKGROUND CHECK. The League Rep / contact is also required to have a Leadership Membership with USA wrestling. This must be completed by 11/30/18. Here is the link that will take you to the site:

** Safesport Certification: The SafeSport course is online training module put together by the USOC. the course covers fourteen lesson areas that include, but are not limited to sexual, physical and emotional misconduct; local and overnight travel; bullying and harassment. The training videos in total are approximately 90 minutes long and includes quizzes and a final exam. SafeSport is available for free at

The process to follow for the PA and USA Wrestling background checks can be found on the ICWL website. 

 12/7/18      Rosters submitted (emailed)

Step 3: All rosters must be submitted by 11/30/18.

Roster Instructions

Roster form 

12/15/18       Deadline for all PAYMENTS to USA Wrestling

Step 4: All payments to USA wrestling must be made by 12/15/18 for all wrestlers to receive their USA Wrestling Membership cards. USA Wrestling membership cards will be emailed to the league contact once payment is made for each wrestler.

Credit Card (preferred) /  Debit Card

Club Check sent to USA Wrestling  


12/31/18       FINAL Rosters due to USA Wrestling

* Any Athletes added after this date will need league approval