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Volunteer Sign Up

Registration link is at the bottom of the page to Volunteer for the 2019 ICWL Championships.

  • Set up Saturday Night / Clean Up Sunday Night
  • Run Table during event

Under Fulfiller Name enter the team you are representing

Please coordinate between your coaches and reps who will handle the signup so we don't get duplicates. 

There will be a check-in and check-out procedure this year to ensure that we are not left with 5 people at the end of each session trying to get the last few things wrapped up. When you arrive you will check in with Brian Martz (or someone else appointed at a later date). Before you leave, you will check out with Brian Martz (or someone else appointed at a later date).

If you don’t check out , your team will be fined. If you don’t show up, your team will be fined. We don’t want it to be this way, but the last few years we have been left with just a few people wrapping up.

Set up Saturday Night / Clean Up Sunday Night

If you are signing up for Set up and Clean Up, you as a team are committing to both Saturday night and Sunday after the tournament. Different individuals can show up hence the two different sign up options.

Run Table during event

If you are going to be running a table during the event you will need the following

  • Towel to throw at end of period
  • Clean up supplies- paper towels, spray, trash bucket, etc.
  • Red and green ankle bands (3 sets)
  • Pencil/pen and some paper can't hurt just in case.
  • Electronic clock (as a backup and precaution)
  • Know how to use TrackWrestling (I will not train someone how to do this the day of)
  • You will need 3 people at the table at all times.
    • One will be finding the next set of wrestlers so they are ready to go, this is critical to keep the pace of the tournament moving
    • One will be running the computer
    • One to throw the towel OR walk out to the mat and tap the ref. Walking out and tapping will also help with the pace of the tournament by preventing the ref from having to get the towel and throw it back.

In addition, you can watch this YouTube instructional video ahead of time too. It is a tutorial on how to run the computer-based scoring/timing system.