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Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Area XI Championship Info

01/06/2016, 9:00am EST
By Brian Martz

We are pleased to announce the plans for the 2016 Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Area XI Championship have been posted on the PJW Area XI website. We strive for continuous improvement and we are implementing some changes to improve the ability to offer our area a great experience.


For the 2016 Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Area XI Youth Championship there will be a North and South Sectional Championship. Wrestlers from Area XI are free to compete in either qualifier however the qualifiers will not be making special accommodations for families that compete out of their region. If a wrestler from the North chooses to compete in the South Sectional Qualifier they will need to attend a weigh-in in the South. There will be no Satellite weigh-ins outside the region for either Sectional Qualifier.


Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Area XI is also pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Sport Ngin to support our registration system for the 2016 PJW Area XI Championship. After carefully evaluating the other registration systems available we found the Sport Ngin system to be the best solution for Area XI. The new system offers unmatched conditional formatting to help minimize data entry errors and improve the data used to set up our tournaments. All wrestlers will use the same registration interface and based on their age and grade the system will direct them to the options they have for competing in the PJW Championship. We are once again using the point system for our seeding and I have added selected dual meet tournaments to offer points for kids that compete in the larger and/or local duals.


Sport Ngin also allows the user the ability to log in at any time until the registration closes and update or correct the registration data so there is no reason to wait till the end. The new system also allows you to pay on line using Paypal or credit cards making the registration quick and easy. The new system also allows us to place firm caps on registration to be sure the registrations at each Championship does not exceed the capacities the venues can handle. Please make sure your teams know to register early, I would hate for a wrestler to be excluded because they did not register before the cap is reached.


Once again the top four from each sectional qualifier will be eligible to advance and there will be a $10 advancement deposit collected at each sectional. The deposit will be returned at the Area Championship at the weigh in. The advancement form is on our website with the tournament information and I encourage participants to bring a copy to the sectional to expedite the advancement process.


The 2016 Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Area XI Junior High School Championship is open to all wrestlers in 7th, 8th and 9th grade who reside in Area XI. There are no qualifiers for the JHS Championship and it is open to all Junior High School or Middle School wrestlers who are not on a high school roster. (Wrestlers may not be entered into the OPC on a High School roster). The top three (3) wrestlers will be eligible to advance the PJW JHS State Championship. Once again this will have a cap so please make sure your teams are notified so they can get registered.


Weigh Ins for the JHS Championship are the morning of the event – no exceptions.


On a final note, the new format is a big challenge financially for all of the Areas, Area XI is in better shape them many but we are not able to continue without some type of change. We used to have four sectional qualifiers with 1,200 wrestlers where a portion of each entry fee helped fund the one (1) Area Championship. We also have to pass money up to the state for insurance, area fees and we also have to help pay for referees at states. Three referees for 2 days plus room and board…(Now X2 since they now have two separate state championships…)


The new paradigm is we have dropped to two sectional qualifiers with approximately 700 kids and the JHS has been split off to its own event. We are at a crossroad where we either need to grow the sectionals or drop them and go to a single event for the Youth Area Championship. Our obvious preference would be to grow and eventually have 4 County Championships (Philadelphia participation is low and could be incorporated into one of the other counties) with the top 3 advancing to the Area Championship. We need your support going forward – wrestlers, sponsors…..



Terry Fennell

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